Volunteer Positions



Fruit Pickers are the backbone of the Okanagan Fruit Tree Project. As a Fruit Picker volunteer, you choose when you want to help out and then join us in harvesting delicious fruit to share with our community.

It’s easy and convenient to volunteer with us:

  1. Register here (hyperlink?) to volunteer with us to start receiving emails about upcoming fruit picks.
  2. Choose which picks you’d like to volunteer for by replying to emails from the coordinators.*

  3. We’ll send you the details of where the tree is. If you have a ladder, bucket/picking bag, or gloves, bring them along with you (not required).
  4. Meet the Harvest Leader and other volunteers at the location and pick the fruit tree together! ** Fruit is shared among local organizations serving those in need, the tree owner, and volunteers. It’s really that easy!


  • Everyone is welcome! No picking experience is necessary. Pick from a ladder if you’re feeling brave, or stand under the tree to gather fruit from lower branches, or help sort the fruit after its been picked (a kid-friendly task too!), or join us for some good company and chit chat under the shade of the tree.

* Our volunteer sign up system is first-come, first-served right now, but our Coordinators keep track to ensure everyone has a chance to volunteer.

** Up to a 2 hour time commitment/pick.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (hyperlink?) for more information about your volunteer experience with us.

Contact us to get involved!




Looking to take on a more challenging and exciting leadership role?

Harvest Leaders are specially-trained volunteers that go the extra mile to help get the fruit from the tree to the charities we support!

  • Pick up equipment from our storage shed (with your own vehicle) before the pick starts

  • Greet volunteers and lead a safe and fun pick

  • Deliver fruit to local charities afterwards

  • Bring equipment back to the storage shed

  • Fill out a short post-pick report. Easy!*

*Approximately a 3-4 hour volunteer shift.


  • Access to a vehicle that can fit picking equipment (should be able to fit at least one six foot ladder, picking buckets, and 2×3 foot stackable plastic totes. 4 door cars can often fit this equipment too)
  • Energetic and passionate
  • Able to supervisor volunteers and ensure safe use of picking equipment *
  • Able to deliver fruit to a variety of organizations after the pick
  • Available to lead a pick once/week or bi-weekly in the morning (9:00 am) OR evening (5:30pm) OR on weekends (flexible time)

*No experience necessary, training provided!

Harvest Leader Perks:

First-choice of picks: our volunteer opportunities are in high demand and our fruit picks fill up fast. Guarantee your spot by signing up to lead.

Steady supply of fruit: think cherries, apricots, plums, pears, and apples – yum!

Family and friends: bring your peeps along with you. They will have the first option to attend the pick before volunteers.

Give back to the community in a meaningful way: reduce food waste, help feed our community, and meet new people.

Sharpen your leadership skills: gain valuable work experience. We are happy to provide reference letters!

 Contact us for more information about becoming a Harvest Leader.



Help us deliver fresh, local fruit out to charities in the community.

  • Choose what mornings you are available (Ideally, we’d like Fruit Runners to commit to a specific day each week or bi-weekly)*

  • Meet us at the pick site or storage site

  • Load the fruit in your vehicle

  • Deliver it to a number of designated organizations

  • Pick up empty totes from the organizations you drop the fruit off at

  • Return the totes to our storage shed

    *Approximately a 2 hour volunteer shift.

  • Qualifications:

  • A large vehicle/trailer to deliver fruit-pick

  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds

  • Fruit runners must be interested in building stronger relationships with the organizations we donate to. This involves promoting the project when dropping off fruit and talking to the representatives to see what their needs are, how the donations are working for them, and reporting back to us.



Pre-inspect fruit trees to ensure they are bug-free and ripe for picking

  • Tag along with our wonderful Tree Care specialist and learn about fruit tree care and how to tell when different fruits are perfect for picking

  • After you’ve received some training, the coordinator will contact you to check out upcoming fruit trees to see if they are in good condition for picking

  • This is a more flexible, on-call volunteer opportunity