Tree and Garden Owners


Thank you for working with us to help feed our community!

Everything You Need To Know About Donating Your Fruit Tree:

You can register your tree with our picking program by filling out the Tree Owner Registration form.

The form gives us the information we need to come prepared to pick!

Once you have filled out and sent the form back, we will contact you to arrange a date to come pick the fruit if the tree is a match for our picking program.

On the day of the fruit picking, our team of volunteers will arrive with ladders, boxes, and buckets. There may be anywhere from 2-25 volunteers depending on the number of trees and volunteer response. 1-2 people will be leading the group and will be in communication with you while on your property.

Important Information:

Notice: we require a week’s notice before the fruit is ready to be picked (minimum 3-4 days).

Picking fruit: we cannot guarantee we can pick the entire tree due to volunteer limitations, equipment limitations, weather, quality of the fruit, etc., but we will always do our best to pick as much as we can.

Length of pick: usually between 1 and 2 hours.

Equipment: we will bring our own ladders, but we appreciate if tree owners have extras we can borrow! For liability reasons, our ladders only extend to 6 feet. If the fruit cannot be reached from a 6 foot ladder then we will not be able to pick it.

Liability Insurance: all of our volunteers are required to sign a liability waiver for our organization before picking fruit.

Quality of fruit:  We only distribute high quality fruit to organizations because many serve clients with health issues, compromised immune systems, etc. We will not pick fruit that has worms or other insects or fruit that is moldy and overripe.

  • We donate about 75% of what we pick to organizations across the community. Volunteers are welcome to take a small bag/box home with them.
  • Please let the project know ahead of time how much of the fruit we pick you would like us to leave in a box/bag for you on your doorstep/deck. We will probably not pick a tree if the owner is requesting that we pick more than 1/3 of the fruit for them.

We have a large and growing wait list of tree owners requesting our picking services. We cannot guarantee we can schedule a pick even if you sign up now, but we will do our best!

Feedback from our Tree Owners

BIG thanks to local tree owners for growing and sharing healthy and delicious fruit. Check out some of the feedback we
received from tree owners:

“You did an awesome job!! We have more than enough for our family and the people we share with!!!
Thank you so much and it really does feel nice that the fruit goes out to others!! […] I am really using this as
an example of kindness, caring and kinship for the greater good to teach my children with. I admire what
you all are doing, it’s an inspiration.” – KM
“Just wanted to thank you and your team for picking my apricot tree this year. The people who arrived
were very good with the tree and fruit and had the job done in no time. My tree is breathing easy now.” – LR


“Excellent afternoon yesterday.  The leaders were very knowledgeable, organized and professional.  They were the first to arrive and cleaned up before being the last to leave. I would be pleased to work with you next year.”  – CH