Would your organization like to share in the harvest?


We grow and harvest fruits, vegetables and nuts to be share with members of our community.  About 75% of our harvests support organizations that support people who need increased access to healthy food.

If you could benefit from produce donations that you would use in your food programming and services, please register with us and one of our coordinators will connect with you.

We also have harvest opportunities where you and your clients may come to a harvest! All the food picked at that harvest will then go on to your organzition!

Yes, I'd like to register my organization to receive produce donations!


Produce donations

You may register your organization to receive produce donations. We will deliver produce as often as we can as it available and matches your produces needs.

Collaborative Harvest

Come out to the harvest! In our collaborative harvest program, clients or groups of community organizations come out to harvest the produce and then take it back with them to use in their food programming.

If we harvest more than your organization and clients can use, we’ll make sure the rest is donated to another organization in need!

Become a Partner!

Help cover the cost of harvesting! Our average cost to organize a harvest is approximately $200. We are looking for community organizations who value what we do and would like to receive produce donations on a regular basis as a supporting community partner. If you are already purchasing produce for your food programming and are able to help support a portion of a harvest (minimum $50), this option may work for your organization. The value of our produce deliveries often surpass $200 – sometimes as much as $500 or more! Please contact one of our coordinators if this options is of interest to you.


What kind of produce do you harvest and deliver?

Fruit may be in our name, but that isn’t our only game!

We love to harvest any fruits, vegetables or nuts you may have that would otherwise go to waste. We also have two farm plots where we grow a variety of vegetables.

What type of organizations qualify for produce donations?

We support any organization or group that supports people! Our goal is to share produce with as many people in the community as we can without any discriminating qualifiers. You can be a charity, non-profit, group, club, or more. Simply contact us if you are not sure!

How much produce can we have delivered to us?

We want to fulfill you produce needs when we are able to. Please make sure when registering with us you are specific about the maximum amount of produce you can accept at any one time and what you plan to use it for. When we are able, we will deliver as much as we can and hopefully as much as you need. This will always depend on how much we are able to harvest and the ripeness level of the produce. Some organizations use the produce in cooking and preserving and can take produce that is on the riper side. Again, please let us know!

How often can I receive produce donations?

This will always depend on how much produce we are able to grow and harvest. Sometimes we are able to harvest less frequently than other times because of the weather or perhaps it’s not a good growing season for certain crops. We will do our best to deliver

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