Help us raise funds for our 2020 harvesting season!!!

A $20 donation gives you a box of our delicious 100% Organic Okanagan Apple Juice for pick-up in the Central Okanagan and Penticton.
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So what’s this fundraiser all about?

Each year we host our Great Apple Harvest, an incredibly fun and rewarding weekend for the Okanagan Fruit Tree Project Society. Over a couple of days, we harvest as many apples as we can to make apple juice for our annual fundraiser.

This year we were very fortunate to partner with an organic orchard in Summerland who donated their apples. We had 83 of our incredible volunteers out over 2 days to hand-pick Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, some Spartan and Gala apples. We then pressed these gorgeous apples into apple juice.

100% Organic. Okanagan. Delicious. Supporting community.

What’s so wonderful about this weekend is that everyone involved benefits in some amazing ways. The orchardist gets a tax receipt to support their business. 4000 additional pounds of fresh apples were harvested and delivered to schools and non-profits throughout the Okanagan. Our volunteers were able to take part in a super fun weekend of apple picking – fresh air, exercise, and building community – and take home apples for themselves to eat, cook and preserve! And we are now able to raise funds to continue the meaningful work we do next season.

Your donation helps us reduce food waste and alleviate hunger in our community. It helps us support schools and non-profits who need produce donations for their food programs. It helps us honour and celebrate our local food producers. It provides an opportunity for community members like you to connect with the land, and learn about how our food is grown. It’s a win-win-win-win-win. FIVE WINS!!!!!

Building Community Through Growing and Harvesting Local Food.

Donate $20 and receive a 3 litre box of 100% Organic Okanagan Apple Juice!

Donate $35 and receive two!

We are really excited to partner with a local cooperative grocey store as our pick up location for the Central Okanagan. Make your donation online and then pick up your apple juice at One Big Table during their business hours. Simply show your receipt as proof of donation (paper or on phone). You can also send someone to pick up your juice for you as long as they have a copy of the receipt.

One Big Table has a mission to connect members of our community to celebrate, honour, and eat good local food. When people participate in their local food system, they discover the intention and care that goes into producing their food. As One Big Table puts it:

And suddenly you are choosing to PARTICIPATE in the process, thereby becoming a CO-Producer.”

How yummy is that?!

We are looking for a pick-up location in the South Okanagan. Contact us if you can help us out!

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